Alliance for Child and Family Health and Development

The Alliance is a partnership of groups and individuals engaged in service and research related to the healthy development of children and their families in and around the unique contexts of the San Joaquin Valley and nearby rural mountain regions.

H4MC a community partnership helping children who struggle with learning and development

Why is H4MC (Help for My Child) and the work of its partners important? It is accessible! H4MC is a Virtual Center!  Providing resources in the County for help… information about child development, signs of problems and diagnoses… local activities and events, blogs for parents, providers and professionals… And more! Visit H4MC online or contact us for more information!  

We are a “one-stop” shop for caregivers, agencies, professionals and parents.  It is a searchable database of regional resources (Merced County and nearby areas) where further information, child assessments and/or treatment can be found. Opportunities for community conversations, outreach activities and education on child development issues, and children who face intellectual and learning problems. What are Intellectual and Learning Disorders (ID and LD)? ID and LD are developmental disorders. This class of disorders also includes Autism-related conditions, Speech and Language Disorders, Dyslexia, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), and more. Developmental disorders of all types. Public awareness and access to information are the main goals of the H4MC project. Through our ties to UC Merced and its partners, we also conduct research on related topics and aim to translate this new knowledge into the community.  We provide a source of information about children facing problems. Particularly those children at risk for intellectual and learning-related difficulties.

Our specific goals are:

  • To inform the public about typical and atypical development and disorders
  • To enhance the knowledge base regarding typical and atypical development and child and family health thorough research and outreach
  • To serve as a consultative resource for community members on child and family health and development
  • To facilitate and coordinate research on the cognitive, social, and emotional development of children, and the various health and medical factors important to how children and families function

Science Based Innovation in Learning Center (SIL)

Science-based Innovation in Learning (SIL) Center is a new, innovative and cross-disciplinary ‘Precision Ed-Health’ center with partners across the University of California campuses throughout the state of CA. It will tackle issues associated with education and health disparity with a particular emphasis on underrepresented populations, with an ultimate goal of providing all children with the best educational and health outcomes. An initial focus will be on services, advocacy, training and research that will lead to early identification and intervention of children at risk for learning challenges in English learners.

This center is made possible through a grant awarded from the University of California Office of the President to the UCSF Dyslexia Center’s leadership team members and in collaboration with experts in education, policy, cognitive psychology, neuroscience and medicine. The center is led by Fumiko Hoeft MD PhD UC SanFrancisco (PI) with Jeffrey Gilger PhD UC Merced (co-PI), Carol Connor PhD UC Irvine (co-PI) and Jamal Abedi PhD UC Davis (co-PI) as partner campuses.  Find out more about UCOP Grant Funds New UC Multicampus Center: Science-Based Innovation in Learning (SIL)