Our Partners

The Alliance has many partners and is looking to develop more.  Partners are labs, community organizations, schools, grant programs, etc., that focus on research, and/or community outreach dealing with child and family health and development.

Research Partners:

Help for My Child

Help for My Child is a community partnership helping children who struggle with learning and development.

UC Merced Early Childhood Education Center (ECEC) at UCM

Center for Early Cognition and Language (CECL) at UCM

Neurocognitive Equipotentiality, Recovery & Development (NERD) Research Program at UCLA

Health Sciences Research Institute (HSRI) at UCM


Cognitive Neuropsychology Laboratory at UCLA

Consortium for Research on Atypical Learning and Development (CRADL) at UCM

UC Merced 

Undergraduate & Graduate

Psychological Sciences

UCSF-Laboratory for Educational Neuroscience (brainLENS)


FUN Lab-Notre Dame University, IN

Family Development Lab at UCM


University of California (system-wide) Center for Research in Special Education, Disabilities, & Developmental Risk

UCSF Dyslexia Center

Warlaumont Emergence of Communication Lab

The Society for the Study of ASD and Social-Communication


School Partners and Community Outreach Partners

Chartwell School (private school), Seaside CA 

"Because not all great minds think alike"

Maverick Academic Prep, Fresno CA

Independently-Minded Academics

Non-Profit Organization developing programs for youths in Mariposa & Merced