Our Role & Impact

Mission : The Alliance is a partnership of groups and individuals engaged in service and research related to the healthy development of children and their families in and around the unique contexts of the San Joaquin Valley and nearby rural mountain regions.

Ultimate Goal: The creation and development of the UC Merced Alliance with a location in downtown Merced. This includes physical space to house teaching, research and community outreach. Future plans also include satellite centers in Mariposa and other towns, as needed.

Primary and Initial Goals:

  • To inform the public about typical and atypical development and disorders
  • To serve as a consultative resource for community members on child and family health and development
  • To enhance the knowledge base regarding typical and atypical development, and child and family health through research and outreach
  • To facilitate and coordinate research on the cognitive, social, and emotional development of children, and the various health and medical factors important to how children and families function

Impact: The Alliance is a new organization. Our plans are evaluate our impact on a number of dimensions and report on our successes at least twice yearly on this page. Please come back and check on how we are doing! The key indices we will assess are:

  1. Number of contacts, inquires, expressions of interest in the Alliance
  2. Number of community members we have helped, worked with, served
  3. Number of research-related projects run through, or with the help of the Alliance
  4. Number of research products in relation to item "3" above
  5. Number of dollars raised
  6. Number of community events, educational programs, symposia, run through the Alliance
  7. Number of events, meetings, held at the Alliance space
  8. Publication coming out of the Alliance
  9. "Other"