How to get involved

Participate in Research

Because slow recruitment for research and clinical trials represents a significant roadblock to breakthroughs, we encourage members of the community to visit our "Study Finder".  The "Study Finder" is a database of current research studies recruiting participants.  We invite you to review and learn about the different types research studies needing participants.  Learn more about what currently is being investigated ... why the research is important, who the study is seeking (possibly someone like you), and what the study is about.  Get involved consider registering as a study participant.  Would you like to know about up and coming research projects happening in your community?  Join our registry and we will email you future research projects and opportunities to become involved.  Do you have questions for the UCM Alliance Center and their partners?  Feel free to contact us, we look forward to hearing from you.  Without the participation of members of our community - in San Joaquin Valley and the Mountain rural areas - our work would not be possible.


The Alliance has many partners and is looking to develop more.  Our partners are labs, community organizations, grant programs, schools, and companies, that focus on research, and/or community outreach dealing with child and family health and development.  Together, we gain insight that opens doors to endless potential for shaping and improving the future.  The Alliance is interested in the building of long-term collaborative relationships.  Contact us for more information in becoming an Alliance partner.

Are you an Alliance Research Partner and wanting to add your research to the "Study Finder"?  Click here to find more information on how to add your research/study.