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Symposium materials

The 4th Annual Symposium on the Child and Family at UC Merced, "Strong Families: Fostering Healthy Parent-Child Relationships and Child Development" was sponsored by the UC Merced Early Childhood Education Center, the UC Merced Alliance for Child and Family Health and Development, First 5 Merced County, Lakeshore Learning,  and the Carlston Cunningham Endowment. Below are the talks presented by the faculty of UC Merced.

Stressful Thoughts, Unhealthy LIves   Matthew J Zawadzki, PhD Psychological Sciences, UC Merced

Parent-Child Attachment: Developmental Foundations & Lasting Impacts  Eric A. Walle, PhD Psychological Sciences, UC Merced

The Role of Caregiver-Child Relationships in Young Children's Prosocial Development   Emily K. Newton, PhD WestEd

Family Systems Perspectives on Child Development  Alexandra Main, PhD Psychological Sciences, UC Merced