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"Why Study Dynamic Visual-Spatial Thinking in Dyslexia? Q & A with Jeffrey Gilger"

October 20, 2014


Long-standing speculations and questions about a possible dyslexia-talent relationship, particularly in nonverbal-spatial domains, have piqued interest for decades,  The questions have remained largely unanswered, a least scientifically, ever since dyslexia was described in early medical literature (e.g., Morgan's 1896 case study on "Percy F").  The possibility of such a paradoxical relationship is intriguing, but remains an open question since only a small body of empirical research has been conducted on this topic thus far. (See Examiner articles "Dyslexia and Visuospatial Processing Strengths: New Research Sheds Light" and "Upside of Dyslexia? Science Scant, but Intriguing." Also see "The Surprising Upside of a Dyslexic Brain," by Annie Murphy Paul.)

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